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Video Doorbell

Answer Your Door From a Distance


Safe Streets’ Video Doorbell redefines front door security with an advanced, high-definition video camera integrated into the doorbell panel.


  • Clear HD video and two-way voice communication allows you to remotely see and speak with visitors in real time via the ADT mobile app even when you are not at home.
  • Receive alerts, images and videos of a person at your front door via any smart device.
  • The weatherproof design is mountable to any surface and features a wide 180 degree viewing angle.
  • Infrared night-vision capabilities captures footage even at night.
Security Camera | Video Doorbell
ADT Security Cameras

Interior & Exterior HD Security Cameras

Observe What is Happening Inside & Outside Your Home No Matter What Time It Is


Safe Streets’ indoor and outdoor home security cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your loved ones and see when strangers come onto on your property.


  • Captures clear, HD video even in dim environments such as at night.
  • Our motion-activated cameras automatically record and send live, HD video feed to your smart device when motion is detected.
  • Remotely view your home from nearly every angle with our wide angle cameras.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Extra Layers of Protection


Help protect your family and property with Safe Streets’ smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


  • If a fire or carbon monoxide is detected at your home. you and ADT Security monitoring professionals will be alerted and the appropriate emergency response teams will be sent to your residence.
  • Once an alert is received on your smart phone, you can control your home automation devices to unlock doors for emergency responders to enter.
  • Our fire and carbon monoxide detectors are tamper resistant.
Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Dectors

All of Our Security Plans Come With:

ADT Home Security Command Panel

An Illuminated, Touchscreen Command Panel

The Command Panel is a user-friendly, 7-inch touchsceen tablet at the center of your home security and automation system.


  • Remotely access your panel to arm and disarm your system.
  • Includes 2-way voice communication with ADT monitoring station personnel.
  • Can activate your home automation devices during an emergency per your programmed instructions.

A Panic Button Remote

Reach out for Help by Simply Pushing a Button


If you experience an emergency situation while at home and can’t get to your control panel, push the Panic Button to call for help.


  • Remotely signals ADT Monitoring personnel who will dispatch emergency responders.
  • Access the control panel’s two-way voice communication capability.
  • Also use it to remotely arm and disarm your security system from a distance.
Panic Button Remote Security



ADT Window Decals & Yard Sign


All home alarm systems come with a sturdy ADT yard sign and window decals that warn potential intruders your property is securely monitored by ADT Security Services.


Battery Backup Unit


Even if your power goes out, the back-up battery will continue to power your system. The battery backup system can provide continuous protection in severe weather, or if your main electrical power is lost for any reason.


Loud High-Decibel Siren


The built in siren on your ADT Monitored Home Security System is loud. The piercing, high level noise can help scare burglars away and notify you that the systems is activated.

In addition to ADT Security monitoring, you can customize your security system to include an array of sensors — basic motion, interior and exterior, and glass break sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide and flood sensors — to create a complete home security plan.

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By clicking 'Get a FREE Quote' button below, I agree to be contacted by SafeStreetsUSA. By checking the box I consent to be called back from SafeStreetsUSA at the phone number provided, which may be generated from an automated phone dialing system.

What Home Security Equipment with Monitoring Services Can Do for You

Today’s wireless home alarm systems do so much more than scare potential intruders away with a high decibel, clearly audible alarm (although they still do that, too).


Additionally, they notify a central monitoring station facility that responds to your emergency immediately. When you trust ADT to provide your wireless security equipment monitoring, a trained, experienced agent can answer your alarm signal instantly, contact law enforcement (or fire/medical personnel), and stay in touch with you until the help you need arrives.


That’s right, ADT has your back, and they have it 365 days a year. After all, would you expect the #1 name in home security to take days off? Weekends, holidays, and all hours of the night, ADT is there to help provide you with the extra protection you desire. And in addition to motion detectors that identify the presence of intruders and activate your security alarm, SafeStreets can also provide you with equipment that complements your home security system to help keep your family even safer


All SafeStreets’ home alarm systems require the purchase and activation of ADT, round-the-clock security monitoring. Looking for upgrades? Consider adding window/door sensors or glass break detectors that alert you of a potential intrusion while it is in progress. With advanced features like these, you can easily see why ADT Security Services is #1 in the nation.

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